Alix Laine
Clara, bientôt trentenaire, vient d’être engagé par Dominique Passerant, grande figure de la presse. Côté coeur, Clara vit une relation chaotique avec Nicolas, un Peter Pan pervers sous la coupe de sa mère. Comment cette jeune femme se retrouve-t-elle prise en étau entre deux personnages toxiques? Pourquoi laisse-t-elle Dominique et Nicolas prendre le contrôle de sa vie sans se débattre?
Clara, soon in her thirties, is ready to move on to something else in her personal and professional life. 
Dominique Passerant, a major businesswoman whose face often appears on the covers of the magazines, has just offered her a challenging position in her new company. But as the months go by, the relationship between the two women becomes tense. In her personal life, Clara lives a chaotic relationship with Nicolas, a perverse Peter Pan under the thumb of his mother, who suddenly abandons her when she gets pregnant. Weakened by these two toxic characters, Clara reaches a turning point in her life when she realizes that she has to take a decision: let Dominique and Nicolas take control of her life, give up on her dreams, or rather struggle to take back her freedom ? 
Cherche Midi | 14 x 22  | 220 pages

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