La microferme agroécologique

Lauriane et Charles Durant
Ce livre est le récit d’une aventure personnelle : celle de Lauriane et Charles, qui ont décidé de devenir paysans. Véritable guide d’installation: les aspirants paysans, tout comme les simples curieux, trouveront dans l’expérience de Lauriane et Charles une mine d’informations utiles.  Mais c’est aussi une réflexion sur l’agriculture française et ses alternatives.
This book tells Lauriane and Charles’ personal adventure: one day they decided to become farmers. Rather than working against nature, they decided to work with it following the principles of permaculture. A new, ecological, more humane, circular and very productive agriculture is invented, which makes the most of a small piece of land without ever exhausting it. This book is a guide, an accessible book written by real farmers who share their experiences with curious people or with aspiring farmers.
Terran| 16 x 24 | 320 pages